Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards

Preparing for the Neurology Boards and the Neurology Recertification Exam can be daunting – years of study and training and volumes of information to be processed, organized and distilled for ready access when the moment arrives. It may seem impossible to retain so much information. This unique, easy-to-use guide gives you the tools to “tie it all together.” Weighted for the written boards, the book also gives you important test-taking hints for the oral boards, including how to study most efficiently and improve your presentation. And the comprehensive sections on child and adult psychiatry, neurobehavior , neuropsychology, and neurophysiolology cover every topic included in these portions of the boards-no additional texts needed! The resources you need to feel confident: 500 pages – almost 50% more content than any other review book; Hundreds of interactive web cases and flashcards; Comprehensive Child and Adult Psychiatry and Neurophysiology sections are strong and detailed enough to eliminate the need for any other study guide on these topics; More than 150 illustrations to clarify all concepts; High-yield pediatrics section; Tips on how to prepare for the oral Boards, including lessening anxiety and improving presentation skills. Ultimate Review is a must-have for neurology residents preparing for the written and oral boards, as well as those studying for the Resident In-Service Training Examination (RITE), and for board-certified neurologists preparing for their recertification exam. It will also prove useful to Psychology and Neurosurgery residents preparing for their respective Board examinations.


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