Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Do Well on USMLE Step 2

1. took a full month to study about 8-10 hours a day solid (including weekends), wrote a schedule the first day with how many days I was going to take to study various topics
2. used USMLE WORLD, which is by far the best known q bank to use for Step 2, haven't used Kaplan and have heard it's not as good, Kaplan is also more expensive. Found out how many questions were in the Q bank, how many days I had to study (with 5 days of review at the end) and calculated how many questions I had to do in a day to finish the Q bank in that alloted time
3. Took a practice NBME the first day or two and found out what my weak points were
4. Started reading First aid and doing questions in those topics, mostly reading, doing about 1 or 2 sets of questions per day and reviewing every single question and answer including the ones I had gotten right
5. finished First aid at the end of the two weeks and ramped up doing questions
6. I did about 4 sets of questions a day with reviewing, both the questions and reviewing and taking notes in First aid
7. towards the end of the third week, read Crush the boards, very easy to read and has super essential info, I also started reading the quick review at the end of first aid and reviewed the images at the end of the book a few times
8. at the end of the third week and before I started my review, I took another NBME and did well, so I knew I would at least pass the test
9. devoted the last five days to reviewing first aid and reviewing the questions I had flagged or gotten wrong in the q bank (I flagged almost all the questions that said "extremely high yield for USMLE" at the bottom of the question)
10. Took CK and then two days later took CS


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