Monday, September 7, 2009

During interview important points

First and foremost thing to remember during the interview is to relax and focus while maintaining a decent posture.

As drn said, you need to know your app inside out including anything you have not mentioned in the app but wish to address during the interview (Hint: Possible interview question!).

Another important thing drn mentioned is to practice. Call your buddies for mock interviews. Call your school's Career Services Office, your premed advisor, your research supervisor, any experienced in family, whatever can get you in the mood to interact with others. If the person sitting in front of you doesn't know anything, give them this list and ask them to pick a question.

Maintain eye contact and a decent posture. What you say AND how you say, both affect your performance.

Interviewers write an analysis/evaluation on you usually right after you leave. So give them something strong to remember about you. Sometimes multiple interviews will hinder the ability of the interviewer to recall the conversations. In such a case having strong/interesting aspects about your app or your life in general will prove extremely helpful.

Remember all the volunteering and/or research you have done? This is where you will discuss it! Open file interviewers have your entire app, so they don't want to ask you abt your grades. They will ask you about your research/volunteering. Details on these will help you keep your conversation going and time will fly.

You will need atleast THREE points/attractions/appeals about you that you want to convey to your interviewers. (For example, you have worked 40 hrs a week during undergrad years as a postman! You have spent a great deal of your life in a foreign country and understand how the needs of diverse communities differ widely. You were diagnosed with XYZ and took you x no. of years to recover completely; while you were being treated you were able to understand the rigors of medical profession.) Make sure one of these three points/attractions is unique to you and as I said earlier it will help the interviewer "remember" you. You may refer to any ONE of these three points during your replies to the interviewer's questions, but beware, do not alter your responses just to include on of these. You can individually state them as a response to "Tell me about yourself" or "Why should we accept you and not 5000 other applicants"

Your attire is your first impression on others. Here are some recommendations.
• Solid color, conservative suit
• Coordinated blouse
• Moderate shoes
• Limited jewelry
• Neat, professional hairstyle
• Tan or light hosiery
• Sparse make-up & perfume
• Manicured nails
• Portfolio or briefcase
• Solid color, conservative suit
• White long sleeve shirt
• Conservative tie, not too flashy patterns.
• Dark socks, professional and comfortable shoes
• Extremely limited or preferably no jewelry
• Neat, professional hairstyle, this includes beard and mustache
• Go easy on the aftershave, buy a nice cologne like Aqua Di Gio, Curve, Givenchy Pie etc
• Neatly trimmed nails
• Portfolio or briefcase. Take a copy of any abstract/paper you might have published/worked on.

Remember that you have already made the cut. You can now make or break your situation. Go with the attitude that you belong to that med school. You are atleast, if not over, qualified to go to this med school. Studies in psychology have shown that imagining/ thinking/seeing the end result or reward( in your case acceptance) can significantly motivate the individual by giving him better self-evaluative judgements. (Bandura and Cervone, 1983. Self-evaluative and self efficacy mechanisms governing the motivational effects of goal systems. Journal(of personality and social psychology. 45 1017-1028. I never plagiarize!) This means that thinking of an acceptance letter will reinforce your motivation and help you present yourself better.


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