Friday, July 25, 2008

KAPLAN for step 3 all DVD lectures

KAPLAN for step 3 all DVD lectures
Torrent download
follow this link
File list in torrent :
2003 Kaplan QBank Step 3/
2003 NMS Step 3/
Alert Step3
Kaplan USMLE Step 3
Movies/CCS 1.avi
Movies/CCS 2.avi
Movies case 1 Chief Comp.avi
Movies/Case 1 Confirm.avi
Movies/Case 1 Slide 4.avi
Movies/Case 14 Further Diag.avi
Movies/Case 14 Test Results.avi
Movies/Case 15 Diag Test.avi
Movies/Case 15 Phys Results.avi
Movies/Case 15 Results Diag.avi
Movies/Case 15 Treatment.avi
Movies/Case 16 Discussion.avi
Movies/Case 16 Phys.avi
Movies/Case 16 Results fur Diag.avi
Movies/Case 16 Slide 3.avi
Movies/Case 16 Test Results.avi
Movies/Case 16 Treatment.avi
Movies/Case 17 Further Orders.avi
Movies/Case 17 Initial Orders.avi
Movies/Case 17 Slide 2.avi
Movies/Case 18 Fur Diag Res.avi
Movies/Case 18 Phys.avi
Movies/Case 18 Results.avi
Movies/Case 18 Treatment.avi
Movies/Case 19 Discussion.avi
Movies/Case 19 Test Results.avi
Movies/Case 20 Further Orders.avi
Movies/Case 20 Hist.avi
Movies/Case 20 Phys.avi
Movies/Case 20 Treatment.avi
Movies/Case 21 Diag Test.avi
Movies/Case 21 Further Orders.avi
Movies/Case 21 Hist.avi
Movies/Case 22 test222.avi
PassFirst, USMLE 3, Review Series
USMLELine Step 3

1.go to the link
Download and install uTorrent first
3. Download the file mentioned at the top (click next to the Download)
4. Open the uTorrent program, go to File, Add Torrent and select the file you downloaded in step 3.
5. Select the lectures
6. The files should start downloading automatically, if not hit the green start arrow. It does take a several hours even with high-speed,


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