Thursday, December 13, 2007

Questions to ask Residents and Fellows.

Questions to ask Residents and Fellows.

  • Salary and benefits offered by the residency program.
  • Vacation time and sick leave.
  • How is the teaching in your residency program?
  • CME fund/ medical educational fund
  • Maternity/parental leave during residency.
  • Is Spanish language training offered?
  • Does your residency program give any pre-match offers, outside the ERAS / NRMP match?
  • Residency mix and proportion of American and foreign medical graduates (FMG)?
  • Is there any course offered for USMLE Step 3? (Residencies other than Internal Medicine and Family practice)
  • What fun activities are there nearby?
  • Typical residency work hours.
  • Residency Call schedule.
  • How good is the security for the hospital and residency call room areas?
  • Any difficulty in getting a fellowship from this residency program?
  • Last year, how many Residents failed to get a fellowship?
  • What type of Scut work do residents do?
  • In last years ERAS / NRMP match, did you have any unfilled residency spots?
  • Which areas of the city do Residents usually live?
  • What is the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment?
  • What is the pass percentage of your residency program in the medical specialty board exams?
  • Is there a 24 hr phlebotomy team in the hospital?
  • Do you get opportunities to moonlight?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the residency program?
  • Do the Residents socialize and get together?
  • What is the makeup of the patient population?
  • Have any Residents left the residency program? If yes, why?
  • Is your program open to accepting foreign medical graduates (FMG)?
  • What average USMLE scores did the residency program accept last year?


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