Thursday, November 8, 2007

USMLE Step 1 Audio Board Review. FULL SERIES

USMLE Step 1 Audio Board Review. FULL SERIES

a torrent file
so first u have to install the torrent software n then u ll be able to download
get the torrent software from any site n download the stuff
didn’t try it
for downloading the torrent u ll need this software called etorrent first download this

1.go to the link
Download and install uTorrent first
3. Download the file mentioned at the top (click next to the Download)
4. Open the uTorrent program, go to File, Add Torrent and select the file you downloaded in step 3.
5. Select the lectures
6. The files should start downloading automatically, if not hit the green start arrow. It does take a several hours even with high-speed,


Usmle Challenger said...

Do we get a transcribed pdf of this audio?
These audio series are great


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